Exercise Physiology

Our Exercise Physiology services are extensive and offer a wide range of services to suit all budget types and lifestyles in Townsville.

Exercise Physiology Townsville 

At Fit Solutions HQ, we take a holistic approach to health and well being.

Our team of Accredited Exercise Physiologists are university qualified allied health professionals.

Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEPs)

AEPs are university qualified allied health professionals equipped with the knowledge, skills and competencies to design, deliver and evaluate safe and effective exercise interventions for people with acute, sub-acute or chronic medical conditions, injuries or disabilities.

The scope of AEPs include cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological, musculoskeletal, cancers, kidney, respiratory / pulmonary and mental health.

What are the standards

  • Graduate from a minimum 4 years of study in an ESSA accredited course meeting the AQF requirements for Level 7 that leads to bachelor degree qualifications
  • Including 140 hours of practical experience for the purpose of undertaking an exercise intervention to improve health and fitness, wellbeing or performance.


AEPs work with a number of chronic conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Obesity
  • Type I&II Diabettes
  • Cardiovascular Disease such as coronary heart disease and Stroke patients
  • Cancers (bowel, lung)
  • High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure
  • Anxiety, Depression, PTSD
  • Musculoskeletal disease (including arthritis and osteoporosis)
  • Respiratory disease (including Asthma COPD)

Information is provided in accordance with ESSA 

Referrals come from GP’s or other allied health professionals. Once Enhanced primary care sessions are completed patients are entitled to one month gym membership or can trial other services such as cell training. 

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