Physical Activity – An age old question

An age old Question

Physical activity has a severe impact on the physiology of ageing. The number one benefit is the prevention of chronic disease. Chronic disease is a health condition that is long lasting or persistent with time. Generally speaking the term “Chronic” is used to describe a time frame longer than 3 months.

With exercise or physical activity there is a reduction in coronary heart disease, prevention of diabetes (T2D), Stroke, musculoskeletal conditions, reduction is blood pressure, and helps to maintain a healthy weight. PA (physical activity) has been know to reduce the risk of falls in the elderly.

Participation in physical activity also has numerous psychological benefits. It helps regulate a variety of hormones that are responsible for anxiety, depression and self esteem. It can improve sleep quality as a result increasing energy levels.

Overall PA is vital for an improvement in quality of life. The health benefits are numerous. According to the American college of sports medicine activity levels should be between 75 -150 minutes of (vigorous to moderate) activity per week, it should incorporate resistance exercises to help improve bone density and maintain muscular strength.



Hell in a Cell… 3/7/18

[I1] Row 500/400m

[I2] DB Curl & Press (clean & Press)

[I3] KB Front Rack Hold

X 3

R2 – Assault Bike Cals

R3 – Ski Erg Cals

In today Cell workout Inmates I2 & I3 work as long as it takes I1 to Row their required distance

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