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Up The River


“Up the river” 


10 Mins Per piece – Interval style

Interval style Cell Workout of the day – Up the river, inmates increase reps by in 2’s. Todays focus includes Ski ergometer with each segment 10 Minutes.

[I1] Starting at 2″s
 Medball Pushup & Roll
 Kick Throughs
 Ass Up’s
Ladder Style
4,4,4 – 6,6,6 Etc

[I2] Starting at 2’s
 Bicep Curls
Box Jumps
Mat Bear Crawl
Ladder Style to 10 and back down

5 Cal Ski
1 Sleddrag
10 Cals
1 Sledpush
Ladder Style Assault bike Cals increase each Set by 2’s

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Jail Yard – 19/10/17

Cell Training

3 Mins Per Station – 1 Min Rest

1. Manmakers

2. Row 100m
15 Dips (on edge of rower)

3. Tyre Flips x 5
Tyre Hops x 15

4. 15 Bent Over Flys
15 Upright Row
15 Front Delt Raise

5. 30 Sec Ski Erg – 30 Sec Plank Hold (con’t for 3 mins)