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Not over the hill yet….


Are you over 50 years of age. At Fit Solutions we have as part of our timetable a seniors only class. This circuit style class is ideal for focussing on restoring some movement  functionality, rehabilitating injuries and making you feel great in the middle to later stages of life.

Our Programme is run by a qualified Exercise Physiologist. Benefits of our sessions include:

  • Reduce Joint and Back pain
  • Increase bone density through resistance exercises
  • Reduce the risk of falls
  • Improve muscle mass
  • Improve mental health
  • Reduce blood sugar
  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Improve flexability
  • Meet new friends.

If you are interested in getting started and would like more information contact Rob or Max today on 4723 1566 or email


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Fire on the Line

2nd November 2017

5 Min Per Round

[I1] 60/50 Cals Assault Bike

[I2] 30 Seconds Battle Ropes
30 Seconds Mountain Climbers
30 Seconds Toe Touches
x 3

[I3] 2 Laps Sled Push
30 Seconds Weighted Kosack Squats
30 Seconds Side DB Raise
x 3

{x 2}

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Hell in a Cell


” Hell in a Cell”

[I1] 15 x Jump Squat
10 x Hanging Knee Raise
5 x Push Ups

90 Sec Work 30 sec Rest
x 5

[I2] Row 90 sec 30 sec Rest
x 5

[I3]  15 x Kneeling Bicep Curl
10 x Ski Cals
5 Wall Walks

90 Sec Work 30 sec Rest
x 5

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Unite in Pink

Crew, Missy and her Century 21 team are holding this fantastic fundraiser Friday 20th October, should be a lot of fun so lets get a few teams together and get behind a good cause!
unite in pink copy