Midnight Express

“Midnight Express”

In the Cell training workout “Midnight Express” we look to build work increments. Starts with 2 minutes up to 5. Rowing is the main focus today.


Round 1 – 2 Minute Efforts

[I1] 1 x 500m Row
[I2] 25 Body Rows/Pullups
Plank Hold remaining Time
[I3] 40 DB Snatches

Round 2 – 3 Min Efforts

[I1] 750m Row
[I2] 25 KB Upright Row 
       20 Body Row Pullups
Plank Remaining time
[I3] 40 DB Renegade Rows 
       35 DB Snatches 

Round 3 – 5 Min Efforts

[I1] Row 1000m
[I2] 25 Goblet Squats
       20 KB Upright Row
       15 Body Rows Pullups
[I3] 40 OH Plate Lunges
      35 DB Renegade Rows
      30 DB Snatches

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