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Great Escape – 30/1/18

great escape

Great Escape

Cell Daily WOD 

The workout great escape focuses on aerobic endurance consisting of multiple movements. This full body high intensity workout is designed to keep you burning calories long after you are finished. In fitness circles it is a term we call EPOC

Round 1

12 Mins
Row 1 Min Max effort
40 Starters
20 DB Push Press
10 Burpee Over Box

Rest 3 Mins

Round 2

12 Mins
1 Min Row Max Effort 
40 CrossOver Skips/Double Unders
20 Kettle Bell Swings
10 Box Jumps/Step Ups

Finisher – ABS (5 Mins)

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3 x 10 Min Caps

[I] 50-40-30-20-10

Sit ups
(Each set progress 1 step closer to exiting your Cell)

Inmate 2 (I2) “Get to shore”
Assault Bike 30 On 30 Off Untill inmate 1 has completed Alcatraz

Inmate 3 (I3)
15 Calories Row
2 Laps Sled Push

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What’s your Fav??

We are one full cycle through the workouts with a total of 13.

Workouts are called:

Solitary Confinement
Jail yard
Mafia Mayhem
The Longest Mile
Justice League
Fire On the Line
Hell in a Cell
Up the River
Midnight Express
Assault & Battery
Brass Knuckles
The Great Escape

Which was your favourite?

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5-10-15-20 of:

[I1] Row Cals
Plate Situps
DB Strict Press

[I2] Gorilla Walks
Windscreen Wipers

[I3] Ski Erg
Double Crunches
Ring Rows

x 2 or <25mins

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Solitary Confinement

Solitary Confinement

[I1] 40 Sec Plank Hold
rest 10 Sec
30 Sec Wall sit
rest 10 sec
20 Sec Pullup Hold
rest 10 sec

[I2] 40 Sec KB Walk Lunges
rest 10 sec
30 Sec Goblet Squats
rest 10 sec
20 Sec KB Hold
rest 10 sec

[3] Row 40 on 20 off
x 2

x 30 Minutes


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Brass Knuckles


1 Min on 30 Sec rest
[I1] Boxing

[I2] Pads

[I3] Punch Bag drills & Body Weight Movements
– Drag
– Burpee Over bag
– Heavy Hands

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Mafia Mayhem – 9/11/17

Cell Training - Mafia Mayhem

In 3 Mins

[I1] 500m Row
in remaining time max reps – Man Makers

[I2] 20 Cals Assault Bike
in remaining time max reps – Wallballs

[I3] 200m Run
in remaining time max distance Bear Crawl

Round 2
Jump Lunge
Inch Worm

Round 3
Same as first set

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The Longest Mile

Part A

Inmates to Row 3200m
Complete as a team
72 Hollow Rocks
72 Burpee Box Overs
72 KB Swings
72 Tyre Flips

Then each Partner to sprint 1600m on the Assault Bikes to finish

Each Partner is to work no more than 30 seconds on the exercises.

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Justice League

3rd November 2017

15 Minutes
rest 5 mins (active recovery)
15 Minutes

20 Plate Ground to Overhead
20 Weighted Stepups
20 KB Swings
Laneway Farmers Carry
20 Weighted Situps
20 Diamond Pushups
20 Banded Face pulls

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Fire on the Line

2nd November 2017

5 Min Per Round

[I1] 60/50 Cals Assault Bike

[I2] 30 Seconds Battle Ropes
30 Seconds Mountain Climbers
30 Seconds Toe Touches
x 3

[I3] 2 Laps Sled Push
30 Seconds Weighted Kosack Squats
30 Seconds Side DB Raise
x 3

{x 2}