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Alcatraz – 1/2/18


Cell Daily Workout – Alcatraz 1/2/18


Inmate 1 [1]
Jump Squats
Dumbell Snatches
MB Slam
(Each set progress 1 step closer to exiting your Cell)

Inmate 2 (I2) “Row to shore”
Row 30 On 30 Off Untill inmate 1 has completed Alcatraz

Inmate 3 (I3)
50 Calories Assault Bike (work as a team of 2)
2 Laps Sled Push

(timer for all activities is I1)

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Great Escape – 30/1/18

great escape

Great Escape

Cell Daily WOD 

The workout great escape focuses on aerobic endurance consisting of multiple movements. This full body high intensity workout is designed to keep you burning calories long after you are finished. In fitness circles it is a term we call EPOC

Round 1

12 Mins
Row 1 Min Max effort
40 Starters
20 DB Push Press
10 Burpee Over Box

Rest 3 Mins

Round 2

12 Mins
1 Min Row Max Effort 
40 CrossOver Skips/Double Unders
20 Kettle Bell Swings
10 Box Jumps/Step Ups

Finisher – ABS (5 Mins)

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Outlaws – 23/1/18

Anaerobic Intervals Outlaws


In this Cell daily workout Outlaws. The aim of the game is to outrun the clock. An intense anaerobic interval piece. 

[I1] Run Lane Way – Even Minute
Row 200m – Odd Minutes

[I2] Odd – 30 seconds Assault Bike sprint
Even – 6-8 Tyre Flip 

[I3] 50 Battle Ropes
50 Cone Hopes
20 Pushups
50 Squats
50 Bicycles

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Lock Up – 19/1/18

Lock Up

Lock Up

Cell Training daily Workout 19/1/18

Moby Dick [Grey Cell]
7 Man Makers (no pushup) – Every Minute on the minute x 6

Black Thunder [Black Cell]
20 Sandbag Lunges
15 Sandbag Cleans
10 Sandbag Upright Rows

Red Rocket [Red Cell]
5 min Max Meters Row

Green machine [Green Cell]
Assault Bike 30on 30off x 5

White Lightning [White Cell]
2 Wall Walks
4 Jumping Bulgarians L
4 Jumping Bulgarians R
6 Hanging Leg Raise

6 Mins Per Piece.


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The Final Ascent – 18/1/18

Final Ascent

The Final Ascent

Cell Daily Workout – 18/1/18 

This all out sprint is of the final ascent is designed to test your anaerobic system. Make your way up the ascended rep scheme. The focus today is on the chest. 

5-10-15-20 of:

[I1] Row Cals
Dumbell Flys (bench)
 MB Slam

[I2] Gorilla Walks 15m
Wall Balls

[I3] Ski Erg
Sit Ups

x 2 or <25mins

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Solitary Confinement – 16/1/18


Solitary Confinement – Cell Daily Workout – 16/1/18

High Intensity Intervals w/ Kettlebells & Pullups an running

[I1] 40 Sec Hollow Hold
rest 10 Sec
30 Sec Starters
rest 10 sec
20 Sec Body Rows or Pullups
rest 10 sec

[I2] 40 Sec KB Swings
rest 10 sec
30 Sec Goblet Squats
rest 10 sec
20 Sec KB Press
rest 10 sec

[3] 1/2 laneway Run Every Min x 2

40 sec Row – 20 Sec Rest

x 4-5 Each

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Mafia Mayhem – 12/1/18

Cell Training - Mafia Mayhem

Mafia Mayhem

Cell Training Daily Workout – 12/1/18 

Cell training is designed to make you think am I exercising or training. In this task based training workout Inmates will race against the clock to complete each allotted block of work.

In 4 Mins

[I1] Max Meters Row in 2:0 minutes
Max Meters Ski in 2:00 minutes

[I2] 10 Cals Assault Bike 
       10 Burpess 

[I3] Run 400m run in remaining time
Max set of Wallballs

[I4] Max Wall Sit
12 Side Plank Hip Touches L
12 Side Plank Hip Touches R
12 Bicep Curl

X 2 


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The Longest Mile – 11/1/18

The Longest Intervals

The Longest Mile

Cell Intervals workout of the day 11/1/18

30 Min Continuous 

Inmates Row 1600m in interval style sprints. Short, hard efforts are required. 
Complete as a team Congo Line
15 Burpee
20 DB Thrusters
25 Goblet Squats
30 Hollow Rocks

Once completed repeat with another 1600m Row and same rep scheme. 

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Hell in a Cell 5/1/18

Metabolic Conditioner

Hell in Cell

Cell Daily Workout 5/1/18 Metabolic conditioner

What is Metabolic conditioning ?

Round 1 – 3 Sets
20 KB Deadlifts
15 KB Swings
10 KB Halo’s

Run 400m

Round 2 – 3 Sets
20 DB Floor Press
15 Goblet Squats
10 DB Russian Twists

Run 400m

Round 3 – 3 Sets
20 ring Rows
15 Bent Over Banded Pull-aparts
10 MB Slams

run 400m

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Up the River – Cell Daily Workout 4/1/18


Up the River 

Thursday Cell Daily Workout 4/1/18

10 Mins Per piece – Interval style

Interval style Cell Workout of the day – Up the river, inmates increase reps by in 2’s. Todays focus includes Ski ergometerwith each segment 10 Minutes.

[I1] Starting at 2″s
 Kick Throughs
Ladder Style
4,4,4 – 6,6,6 Etc

[I2] Starting at 2’s
DB Push Press
Burpee Box Jumps
Mat Bear Crawl
Ladder Style to 10 and back down

5 Cal Ski
1 Sleddrag
10 Cals Assault Bike
1 Sledpush
Ladder Style Assault bike Cals increase each Set by 2’s