The Longest Mile

Part A

Inmates to Row 3200m
Complete as a team
72 Hollow Rocks
72 Burpee Box Overs
72 KB Swings
72 Tyre Flips

Then each Partner to sprint 1600m on the Assault Bikes to finish

Each Partner is to work no more than 30 seconds on the exercises.

Justice League

3rd November 2017

15 Minutes
rest 5 mins (active recovery)
15 Minutes

20 Plate Ground to Overhead
20 Weighted Stepups
20 KB Swings
Laneway Farmers Carry
20 Weighted Situps
20 Diamond Pushups
20 Banded Face pulls

Fire on the Line

2nd November 2017

5 Min Per Round

[I1] 60/50 Cals Assault Bike

[I2] 30 Seconds Battle Ropes
30 Seconds Mountain Climbers
30 Seconds Toe Touches
x 3

[I3] 2 Laps Sled Push
30 Seconds Weighted Kosack Squats
30 Seconds Side DB Raise
x 3

{x 2}

Hell in a Cell


” Hell in a Cell”

[I1] 15 x Jump Squat
10 x Hanging Knee Raise
5 x Push Ups

90 Sec Work 30 sec Rest
x 5

[I2] Row 90 sec 30 sec Rest
x 5

[I3]  15 x Kneeling Bicep Curl
10 x Ski Cals
5 Wall Walks

90 Sec Work 30 sec Rest
x 5

Townsville’s best 45 min Indoor Workout

Cell Training 

Cell is on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 5:00am & 5:45am & 6:00am Fridays

Pricing is an affordable $100 for a 10 pass.

Workouts are posted the day prior to the Cell Face book page and can also be found on the Fit Solutions Website under the Cell link.

–      There aren’t any complicated movements that need large amounts of modifications. No snatches, Cleans, muscleups or any of that fancy CrossFit stuff.

          There is no use of barbells – Kettle bells and dumbells yes but no bar barbells (this is to simplify things)

          We use Battle ropes, tyres, sledge hammers, sandbags, sleds etc

          Lots of body weight movements & ab work.

          Lots of rowing, bike, ski and some running

          Working with your “Inmates” is a common occurrence.

          There are 13 named Workouts “Alcatraz” “Jail Break” “Riot Squad” each with a designated format attached. That same format will roll around every month but the exercise within that format change. That way you get to learn which ones you like and can choose the best format for you.

To book in visit and click book now.

          All movements can still be modified due to previous injuires


Up the River – 27/10/17

up the river

“Up the river” – Time TBA

I1 2 Medball Around the Worlds
2 Dynamic Starters
2 Ass Up’s
Ladder Style
4,4,4 – 6,6,6 Etc

2 Lateral Pushup Shifters
2 Mogul Burpee
2 Mat Bear Crawl
Ladder Style to 10 and back down

5 Cal
1 Sledpush
10 Cals
1 Sledpush
Ladder Style Assault bike Cals increase each Set

According to the Urban dictionary Midnight Express is a term used to describe an escape attempt.

“Midnight Express”

Round 1 2 Min Efforts

I1 1 x 500m Row
I2 20 Sandbag Squats
Plank Hold remaining Time
I3 40 KB Swings

Round 2 3 Min Efforts

I1 750m Row
I2 20 Sand Bag Squats
20 Sand Bag Upright Row
Plank Remaining time
I3 40 KB Swings
40 KB Press

Round 3 5 Min Efforts
I1 Row 1000m
I2 20 Sandbag Squats
20 Sandbag Uptright Row
20 Sandbag Pull Throughs
I3 40 KB Swings
40 KB Press
40 KB Situps

24-10-17 Assault & Battery

Assault & Battery

I1 Assault Bike Intervals
1 min on 1 Min off
x 5

I2. 30 Sledge Hammer Hits (on tyre)
20 Bulgarian Split Squats on tyre with Sledge Hammer L
20 Bulgarian Split Squats on tyre with Sledge Hammer R
10 Inch Worms on Tire

I3. 1 Min Sandbag Glute bridges
30 Seconds Rest
1 Min Dive Bomber Pushups
30 Seconds Rest
1 Min Banded Pullup
30 Sec Rest

x 2


The Great Escape 20/10/17

Escape tunnel

10 Mins – Con’t Per Station – I1 is the timer for all other movements
[I1] – 20 Cals Assault Bike
20 KB Swings
[I2]    30 Battle Ropes
10 Kneeling MB Wall Throws
[I3]   20 O/H Plate Lunges
KB Front Rack hold Remaining time

Rest 3 Mins – Active Walk

10 Min – Con’t

[I1] – 15 Cals Assault Bike
15 KB Swings
[I2]    20 Battle Ropes
5 Kneeling MB Wall Throws
[I3]   15 O/H Plate Lunges
KB Front Rack hold Remaining time

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