26 Oct – Midnight Express

According to the Urban dictionary Midnight Express is a term used to describe an escape attempt.

“Midnight Express”

Round 1 2 Min Efforts

I1 1 x 500m Row
I2 20 Sandbag Squats
Plank Hold remaining Time
I3 40 KB Swings

Round 2 3 Min Efforts

I1 750m Row
I2 20 Sand Bag Squats
20 Sand Bag Upright Row
Plank Remaining time
I3 40 KB Swings
40 KB Press

Round 3 5 Min Efforts
I1 Row 1000m
I2 20 Sandbag Squats
20 Sandbag Uptright Row
20 Sandbag Pull Throughs
I3 40 KB Swings
40 KB Press
40 KB Situps

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